Menstrual Relief Patch-Functional Plaster Solution

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TURN ANY PERIOD DAY INTO A BETTER DAY – Made for women dreaming of better, pain-free periods. Our heat pads for menstrual cramps are 100% drug-free and provide quick, natural period relief. No more pills, medication or side effects
THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF HEAT – our patches generate optimal heat to relax your uterine muscles and increase blood flow for quick, lasting menstrual relief
DISCREET & SOFT ON SKIN! – Our ergonomic heating pad for period cramps sticks on your stomach or panties for discreet period cramps pain relief. With improved Japanese adhesive and soft non-woven fabric, you’ll enjoy comfort even on the go

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Name: Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch
Package: 3 pcs/set*warm palace paste
Scope of Application: It si applicable to external hot compress of the lower abdomen of women for dispelling cold and keeping warm, and abdominal discomfort during dysmenorrhea.

Product Composition

Folium Artemisiae Argyi, Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong, Radix Angelicae
Sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Zingiberis, Flos Carthami, Non-woven Fabric, Gum Layer.
Iron Powder, Activated Carbon, Vermiculite, Inorganic Salt, Water, etc


INTUITIVELY DESIGNED. Soothe cramps where you need it most. The patch adheres to your underwear and contours to your body to provide lasting pain relief, naturally.
LONG-LASTING RELIEF. Powerful and natural ingredients to soothe your most intense period pains for up to 8 hours.
CRAMP-SOOTHING HERBS. Extracts from raspberry leaf, dandelion root and cramp bark help reduce bloating, promote blood flow and relax muscles.


1. For external use, apply it to the lower abdomen. It is recommended to apply it to Guanyuan point, Qihai point and Shenque point.
2. Open the package, take out the product, tear off the release paper and stick it on relevant parts. After about 30 minutes, if the temperature is too high, tear off the temperature control sticker, stick it on the center of the back of the product, and stick it tightly and compactly


1. This product is for external use, not oral, disposable use.
2. This product is hot when opened. Do not open the bag without using it.
3.If the temperature is too high during use, if it is used at night or the clothing is wrapped to tightly, please stick the temperature control sticker on the back of the product to prevent cryogenic burns.
4. Do not use this product for allergy, pregnant women, diabetes, skin diseases and blood lation disorders.

Valid perod: Three Years

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