Menstrual Relief Patch

  • Menstrual Relief Patch-Functional Plaster Solution

    Menstrual Relief Patch-Functional Plaster Solution

    TURN ANY PERIOD DAY INTO A BETTER DAY – Made for women dreaming of better, pain-free periods. Our heat pads for menstrual cramps are 100% drug-free and provide quick, natural period relief. No more pills, medication or side effects
    THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF HEAT – our patches generate optimal heat to relax your uterine muscles and increase blood flow for quick, lasting menstrual relief
    DISCREET & SOFT ON SKIN! – Our ergonomic heating pad for period cramps sticks on your stomach or panties for discreet period cramps pain relief. With improved Japanese adhesive and soft non-woven fabric, you’ll enjoy comfort even on the go