Emergency package

  • Headrest kit-Emergency package

    Headrest kit-Emergency package

    The Headrest Kit was designed to provide personnel with an easily accessible and quick to deploy medical pouch that mounts easily to a vehicle’s headrest. The large elastic band keeps the kit bag stowed securely, while the adjustable attachment straps keep the kit tight against a headrest. The durable side pull handles allow for the kit bag to be rapidly deployed from either side of the mount.

  • Emergency rescure kit

    Emergency rescure kit

    The emergency rescuer kit is designed as a portable First Aid Kit for the workplace. Packaged in a convenient zippered nylon bag that is easily transported to the patient’s side, this kit offers the ability to treat the most common workplace injuries with the added benefit of being able to control major bleeding with the Tourniquet, the safest and most effective tourniquet on the market today.

  • Fire pack

    Fire pack

    The utilization rate of high-power motors is getting higher and higher, and the frequency of fire accidents are getting much higher than before. To master basic emergency escape skills, it is very necessary to have a fire emergency kit pack at home.

  • Natural disaster kit

    Natural disaster kit

    When natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, typhoons occur and after disasters occur, provide life-sustaining food, water, first-aid supplies, and emergency items kit for survive, self-rescue.