Urology and gynaecology sets

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Urology and gynaecology sets sterile are single-use products for short-term use and consists of a variety of products like patient drapes, equipment covers, fixation and collection accessories, commodity products (e.g. towels); included into sterile packages. The sets are intended to be used in different fields of applications/disciplines. It will prevent the passage of pathogens between non-sterile and sterile areas. The Polyethylene-film or different layers of hydrophilic nonwoven material laminated with Polyethylene-film act together as a fluid and bacteria barrier and minimize the transmission of micro-organisms. These products are placed onto the market sterile and are in Medical Device Class I.

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Complying with Standard: EN13795

Delivery set

● 1 instrument table cover (for under the mother), 90cm*150 cm
● 1 drape(stitching sheet) 75cm*120 cm
● 1 bed pad 60cm*90 cm
● 1 absorbent sheet(baby sheet)56cm*75cm
● 6 towels 21cm*25 cm
● 1 bed pad 60cm*60 cm

C-section set

● 4 hand towels
● 1op-tape 9cm*50cm
● 1 Mayo stand cover 78cm*145cm, reinforced
● 1 baby sheet 75cm*120cm
● 1 C-section drape 186/250 330 cm, fluid collection pouch, incision film, 16cm*18cm
● 1 instrument table cover 150 cm*190 cm

Gyn/Cyst set

● 1 utility drape, 75 cm*80cm
● 2 leggings, 75cm*120cm
● 1 gyn/cyst drape 75cm*175cm, aperture 9cm*15cm
● I instrument table cover, 150cm*190 cm

Gynaecology set

● 1 Mayo stand cover 78cm*145cm, reinforced
● 2 hand towels
● 1 tube holder 2.5cm*30 cm
● 1 gynaecology drape with integrated fluid collection pouch, 60cm*120cm, aperture 9cm*12cm.
● 1 gynaecology drape 270/230*260 cm, aperture 24cm x 21 cm, integrated leggings
● 1 Instrument table cover 150cm*190 cm

TUR set

● 1 op-tape 9cm*50 cm
● 1 utility drape 75cm*80 cm
● 22 leggings75cm*120cm
● 1 TUR-drape 75cm*175 cm
● Instrument table cover 150 cm*190 cm

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