Medical Silicone Scar Gel-Wound Solution

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Clinically tested and proven to improve the color, size, texture,and overall appearance of scars from surgery, injury,c-sections, cosmetic procedures, burns or acne.

Medical silicone has the function of improving scar epidermal structure, reducing capillary congestion and collagen fibrosis,improving scar tissue metabolism and nutrient supply, and preventing the formation of hypertrophic scars

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The novel bioadhesive drug release system has good dispersibility, strong adhesion, high stability, and can achieve the effect of controlling the release rate and absorption amount of the silicone oil, and slowly releasing and prolonging the efficacy time.
The unique oil-in-water system is non-greasy and has a smooth and transparent appearance. It can completely penetrate into the skin to improve the result and ensure comfort.
It is non-greasy, easy to apply, colorless, odorless, and does not stain clothing.
After the product is applied to the surface of the scar, a thin transparent film will be formed quickly. The film will be breathable and waterproof, to ensure normal skin breathing,accelerate the metabolism of scar tissue, keep the skin surface moisture-free, and inhibit scar hyperplasia.
It is best used immediately after the wound is healed, because the scar tissue begins to proliferate one month after the wound heals, reaching a peak in 3-6 months, and a mature scar is formed in about one year. The sooner the scar removal gel is used, the more active it is. The silicone gel softens and inhibits scar hyperplasia. The more mature the scar, the longer the softening process, and the longer the treatment cycle Prevention of scar hyperplasia is generally considered to be more effective than treatment, and the economic burden on patients is also smaller.

Name: Advanced Medical Silicone Scar Gel
Package: 30g
Cerfication: CE,FDA
Ingredients: Medical Grade Silicone oil, Carbomer, Water Soluble Laurocapram, Pure Water
Formulation Advantages: The gel matrix is made of premium bioadhesive gel.


● For Old & New Scars.
● Comfortable,Breathable,Odorless
● Prevents Abnormal Scarring
● Colorless, Non-Greasy, Waterproof
● Safe, Non-Toxic, Harmless
● Softens Flattens Scars
● Suitable for Sensitive Skin
● Long-Lasting Bio-Adhesive Formula
● For the Whole Family
● Reduces Redness Itching

How to use

Clean and dry the scar area. Gently massage a small amount of scar gel for 3-5 minutes for good absorption,2-3 times per day.


Store at room temperature away from sunlight.

Duration of therapy

8 weeks for new scars, 3-6 months for existing scars
Validity: 3 Years
Caution: For external use only. Do not use on wounds that has not been healed. If redness or allergic symptoms appears,please stop using and consult a doctor Keep out of reach of children. Avoid getting in eyes or mouth. Store at room temperature.

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